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ARCO Lisboa

18/05/2017 - 21/05/2017



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an emblematic event for the internationalisation of the visual arts on a european and global scale; aRco will be held in lisbon for the first time ever against a backdrop marked by the converging and likeminded interests of the main driver behind the event, the city government, and the cabinet of the minister of culture, and by a close, and rewarding cooperation with our spanish partners. this initiative is aligned with the current arts sector trends, as defined in the government programme. these include the consolidation of contemporary art in portuguese museums, raising the value of artistic creation and cultural life as important elements in the renewal of the country’s international image and as strong driving forces for cultural tourism, which has grown significantly in the last few decades. nor should we neglect to mention the importance of raising the value and reputation of national authors, creators and artists as the dissemination of their work contributes to the internationalisation of the cultural business structures that, in turn, support their activity. thus, aRcolisboa constitutes itself as a driving force for these plans, providing a practical dimension that offers substantial opportunities for the visual arts sector in portugal. the predominant role played by the organising committee in this edition is particularly worthy of mention – bringing together the resources of major national and international players – as it selects 45 galleries, 19 of which are portuguese, to represent 8 different countries which will be present in lisbon from 26 to 29 may at a highly prestigious event in the global arts market. this gallery presence, essential in stimulating a dialogue between portuguese and international artists, will be further reinforced by 9 internationally renowned art magazines and a space given over to debate in the fair’s forum. on this occasion the focus of the debate will be a reflection on contemporary portuguese art and its production conditions from both the institutional and the private collecting perspective. another important facet, is the involvement of distinguished institutions such as the museu de serralves, museu calouste gulbenkian and museu coleção berardo, which will be inviting other equally prestigious international organisations to enter into a dialogue about their artistic proposals. and finally, a word about the very heart of this fascinating encounter: the cordoaria nacional, a national monument since 1998, has a long-standing tradition of housing contemporary art exhibitions. a landmark building in 18th century industrial architecture, it has been selected as the centre of the aRcolisboa exhibition, and apart from the heritage and artistic creation it embodies, it is also proving to be an important factor for raising the value of the belém / ajuda cultural axis, the development of which is one of the main interests shared by the government and the local authorities in the coming years.

ARCO Lisboa


ARCO Lisboa

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