Art is a spiritual journey. It allows you to discover yourself without your own realization. I find inspiration in Nature, where every form looks cohesive. Only in nature do we enjoy what we perceive as perfect and imperfect, which is all rolled into one. A fallen leaf, tree in autumn, the bulbuls all have their own unique role to play and yet they all come together as one whole painting. I enjoy working in Watercolors, Oils, and Pen.


Jahr Beschreibung
2017 Rainbow Gold 8: Group Show at the Lalith Kala Akademi, Chennai where 10 of us participated showcasing a breadth of works in different mediums


Name Galerie Ort / Land
Lalit Kala Akademi Greams Road, Chennai, India

What have I contributed so far?

I have designed logos, and created the cover art for the book, "The Sword with the Ruby Hilt". I also take up commissioned work on request. I consult on book cover designs, themes, colors, the overall look and feel in websites.

What is the purpose of my art?

My purpose is to share my moments with you, my audience and bring joy. Ofcourse, it comes at a price, but the main goal is to see the soul in the painting, evoke your very being, and bring happiness and peace.

What does Art mean to me?

It means being able to discover yourself honestly without criticizing yourself. We are moulded through our experiences: happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow all transform us over time. Art elevates your soul and enables you to spread your wings. She is a wonderful teacher. Every form of art for that matter is deeply uplifting and personal. I strongly encourage every individual to stay connected to some form of creativity throughout their lifetime.

What is my source of inspiration?

Nature - I come from a family of nature lovers and animal lovers. My interest in art is also a natural outcome because there were moments when I wanted to capture a particular moment by interpreting it with my colors and imagination. In Nature, there is no distinction between what is perfect and imperfect. Every element however, big or small is in complete harmony. You just enjoy that.

Why did I become an artist?

I honestly never intended to become one. I however loved to paint and sketch in my free time and attended classes on weekends. Over time, I began enjoying the creative process, which was meditative and spiritual. It transformed my very core. What started as a hobby became a passion. My great aunts were self-taught artists. My family tells me it is in my blood. I am genetically made to be an artist. Today, I truly feel and express myself through my works as an artist.

Presse & Medien

Jahr Beschreibung Website
2017 Our national newspaper, the Hindu covered our group show held under the banner of Rainbow Gold 8, showcasing the works of 10 artists in different mediums